Gynecomastia Surgery- Expertise Acquired by Panacea Hospital

In this highly competitive contemporary world, it is imperative to own a pleasing personality and when it comes to men, a smart physique is critical to a man’s personality. Ideally, a man’s fit, firm & shapely body structure is vital to his confidence and self-esteem socially. However, the increasing episodes of breast enlargement in men are posing an enormous problem for many. There is an alarming rise in the number of males, particularly the youth, suffering at the hands of this condition, known as Gynecomastia in the medical terms.

Panacea Hospital- Gynecomastia Surgery

Panacea Hospital- Gynecomastia Surgery

This unusual enhancement of female-like breasts in males mostly owes to the Hormonal imbalance or hereditary conditions, a disease or the overuse of certain drugs. The fatty, sagging male chest looks quite abnormal and one feels embarrassed of his unhealthy and ill-shaped frame. Medically, this enlargement is elaborated as an odd growth of huge mammary glands and exorbitant deposits of fat in males, ultimately taking the shape of enlarged breasts, similar to a woman’s.

This condition of over-enhanced breasts in men can occur at any point of time in life, regardless of age, though it is becoming more prevalent in young boys. In neonates (newborns), it can be due to the influence of mother’s female hormones or in teenage and elderly, it can result due to an illness or metabolic disorder or even because of the rampant obesity. It is definitely more a cause for worry at a middle or older age bracket but in adolescent boys also, it stands as a big obstacle in their daily public encounters.

As the advanced technology has for almost everything else, it has also evolved promising results in this domain as well. With medical science’s immense progress, gynecomastia surgery is now a possibility for resolving this problem. Panacea Hospital, a next dimension of healthcare, is a well- renowned name in the field of varied plastic surgical treatments including the advanced gynecomastia surgery. We, at Panacea, with our several years of practiced skill, knowledge, expertise and research have reshaped the medical field, giving a warm experience of wellness to our patients.

The gynecomastia surgery is done on an outpatient basis, after a thorough case study of an individual. Patient is operated under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia by our professional panel of doctors, skilled in performing such a surgery with finesse. The surgery is 100% safe, with neglible or no side effects and with the advanced procedures adopted by us, it doesn’t leave any ugly scar behind. It is in fact a blessing to those men suffering at the hands of this disorder, thus, uplifting their self confidence. Panacea’s department of plastic surgery skillfully performs diverse reconstructive and corrective surgeries successfully, making tremendous difference to the lives of umpteen individuals.


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